The original parachute silk hammock, invented by Ticket to the Moon in 1996 has this year seen the most radical change to its design yet.

This is the single version which is the perfect size for one adult lying lengthways or a couple of kids.

This year sees one of the most innovative things to happen to hammocks in decades and best of all we’re the first to get it. There’s a lot of you out there who already own one of Ticket to the Moon’s super hammocks. The new hammock is the same fabric, same size and has the same unique S hook hanging system as the original parachute silk hammock.

What has changed is the way to set it up and then, brilliantly, there’s an integrated sleeve included with the hammock.

The hammock set up is quick and simple with the new Express bag and the sleeve is inspired as it protects the hammock when not in use by covering the hammock like a long snakeskin, preventing it from billowing in the wind, fading in the sun and it makes it a smaller target for birds.

The fast drying synthetic parachute silk means that you won’t find mould or mildew spots on these hammocks and you’re less likely to be getting into a damp hammock.

Weighing only 500g means that these are super hammocks to take on holiday or just for a day out.