This works well. We’ve put together arguably our most comfortable hammock with a stand that will do exactly what you want it to.  By buying the two together as a set you save €40.

For you hammock aficionados out there we know you want to be able to adjust the way your hammock hangs so that it may be a little flatter when sleeping or more V shaped if you want to sit up. For this purpose the double adjustable does just that it adjusts, twice, or actually three ways but don’t worry about that the point is that you are in control.  What’s more this stand will extend up to a huge 3.85m which means it will take nearly any hammock you can throw it it.  Great if you change your hammock for another someday.

The hammock that comes with this is one of our favourites and with the synthetic parachute silk is not only tough but dries quickly so won’t rot. At 2m wide it’s really generous and big enough for two even if it’s only going to be you, a newspaper and a can of beer in it.