Here’s a quick and easy way to hang your hammock. Two lengths of 6mm 8 ply, polypropolene rope tied in a way to make hanging your hammock virtually foolproof.

The rope is 2.2m (7ft) long per length and is doubled over with Knots tied every few inches. You make a simple hitch around whatever you are tying to and use the S hook to latch into whichever knot you need depending on the span.If you need more knots just tie another. Because it’s only a hitch around the tree or post it can never overtighten so you’ll always get it undone after you get out. Perfect if you hang your hammock in different loctions.

This is nautical quality rope with a breaking strain of over 200kg. You get 2 lengths of at least 2.2m each and it’s doubled over. That’s a bargain for rope this good.